Millions Of People Suffer From Chronic Kidney Disease

  • 1.Frequently getting up at night to urinate.Your urine may appear foamy or bubbly.You begin to urinate more frequently and in greater amounts than usualIt may also be the opposite where you urinate less frequently and when you do, your urine is dark-colored.At times your urine may contain some traces of blood.You also find it difficult to urinate.
  • 2: SwellingThis is one of the most common kidney disease symptoms, when the kidneys are experiencing some form of failure, they do not remove any extra fluid. As a result, this ends building up in your body. This causes a swelling of the legs, feet, ankles, face, and also the hands.
  • 3: FatigueOne of the main functions of the kidneys is to make a hormone erythropoietin or EPO, This hormone helps the body in making of red blood cells that are responsible for carrying oxygen. When kidneys start to fail, they your body is likely to make less EPO, as a result of fewer red blood cells it means less oxygen is circulated in the body hence the muscles as well as the brain tire very quickly.
  • 4: Skin Rash/ItchingKidneys help in removing waste material and clean up the bloodstream. In the event that the kidneys fail, the n a build-up of wastes occurs in the blood causing severe itching and skin rash.
  • 5: Ammonia Breath and a Metallic Taste in the MouthAs a result of a build-up of uremia in the blood food may taste different and at times cause bad breath. You are likely to lose appetite.
  • 6: Nausea and VomitingWhen there is a severe waste build up of in the blood then a kidney patient is likely to experience symptoms of nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite which leads to weight loss.
  • 7: Shortness of BreathOne of the common kidney disease symptoms is shortness of breath. It is either as a result of extra fluid that may be in the body that ends up building up in the lungs or secondly a case of anemia as a result the body is left oxygen-starved and hence a case of shortness of breath.
  • 8: DizzinessWhen kidney disease is associated with anemia it means that your brain is not getting sufficient oxygen. This leads to memory challenges, dizziness as well as trouble with concentration.